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Motion Pictures

  1. The Roadside March of Defiance
  2. Oh Missouri
  3. Die Tryin'
  4. It's Come Down to This
  5. How Selfish
  6. Who I Am
  7. I've Been All the Things
  8. I'm Dying (For a Second Chance)
  9. King of Sensitive
  10. Enrich Me
  11. Scent of Joy
  12. Poem #1 (An Analogue End)

Album Facts

Motion Pictures was recorded in 2005 and signified somewhat of a departure from the normal Charliebakerband sound due to the fact that the songwriting sessions were heavily conducted with pianos rather than guitars. This album and Abandoned are said to be Michael's favorite Charliebakerband albums.

My Name is...E.P.

  1. Aimee
  2. Dawn
  3. Michael
  4. Gabriella
  5. Christine
  6. Meg

Album Facts

My Name is...E.P. was recorded in 2004 and it features a new version of "Meg," the first ever in studio live recording to be released by Charliebakerband. It also features guest vocals by good friend of the band, Jenny DeMartini, who had also contributed much of the photography from the past Charliebakerband albums.


  1. Green Summer
  2. Waiting, Anticipating
  3. At Least
  4. Because of Love
  5. Lonestar Queen
  6. Some Other Guy
  7. Since I Lost You
  8. Remember Tonight
  9. Meg
  10. Want (Did You See It)
  11. Teach Me
  12. All Up Inside
  13. Awesong
  14. Surge
  15. Tiny Heart Attacks
  16. Dernier Cri
  17. Brainstorming

Album Facts

Abandoned was recorded at the end of 2003. The first half of the album is rumored to be about a girl Michael met in Athens while the second half of the album is said to be about the curiosity of being just everyone else instead of feeling like an outsider.

Steven Looks Like Willy

  1. Stonecold Zero
  2. Glum, Dogless
  3. A Moral Plague
  4. Showers and Thunderstorms
  5. Hesitation
  6. Past My Mouth
  7. Murder in My Hometown
  8. There You Go
  9. 23rd Century Scene
  10. Birds
  11. More Natural
  12. #28
  13. Get Off Groove (Airborne Symphony)
  14. Hymnal #38 (The Pink Hymnal)
  15. Resurrection
  16. Autumn Charisma
  17. Say Goodnight
  18. Lesson 3
  19. Elegant
  20. Getting Over You
  21. I Made It

Album Facts

Steven Looks Like Willy was a collection of Michael's favorite tracks dating back to Pulse. This album actually also features 5 tracks from Decibel Confessional which was Michael's first album under the name Animal Survey.

12 Songs

  1. Lesson 3
  2. Out in the Rain
  3. Getting Over You
  4. If You Could Just See
  5. I Made It
  6. Elegant
  7. Fmaj7
  8. I Forgot (I'm Alone)
  9. #32
  10. The Songs Don't Love Us Anymore
  11. Volume of Your Life
  12. Beacon Light

Album Facts

12 Songs was recorded in 2003 after Michael began living in Athens, GA. All of the songs except for "The Songs Don't Love Us Anymore" were recorded in Athens during Michael's second year attending the University of Georgia. The album's theme centers around getting away from the past and searching for new beginnings.


  1. Wild
  2. Fifty Times Higher Than When I Started
  3. #29
  4. Birds
  5. Dandelion Yellow (Techno Instrumental #1)
  6. I Can Do What You Can't
  7. Ambivalence
  8. There You Go
  9. That Cute Little Face
  10. 23rd Century Dream
  11. Before You Say Anything/Trust Me
  12. My 1

Album Facts

Flowers was recorded in throughout 2001 and 2002 from the same sessions that produced Spin ½. Both albums were the first to feature new songs labeled as techno instrumentals that eventually lead to Michael's side project, Animal Survey and they were also the first Charliebakerband albums with Michael as the sole member of the band.

Spin ½

  1. Program
  2. Head Lights (You're Welcome)
  3. St. George (Techno Instrumental #3)
  4. The Fall
  5. More Natural
  6. The Best One
  7. Question of How Any Religion Could be Right in Every Aspect
  8. Been Thinking About You
  9. Bed Bugs in Your Dreams (Techno Instrumental #2)
  10. Best Friends
  11. Thing
  12. #28

Album Facts

Spin ½ was recorded in throughout 2001 and 2002. It was simultaneously recorded along with Flowers. The two albums were originally intended to be a double album but during the recording sessions, the albums began to feel too independant of each other to be packaged together.

Hypocrisy for Some, Small American Flags for Others

  1. Past My Mouth
  2. Interlude
  3. Hesitation
  4. Interlude
  5. Murder in My Hometown
  6. For You
  7. Domestic
  8. Interlude
  9. Democracy
  10. Interlude
  11. Obstacle
  12. Interlude
  13. Palestine
  14. Late Night Talk

Album Facts

Hypocrisy for Some, Small American Flags for Others was recorded in 2000. Many of the songs on HFSSAFFO were inspired by the political controversy during the 2000 US Presidential election.


  1. A Moral Plague
  2. Monarch Cerulean
  3. A Feeble Attempt
  4. Ormolu
  5. Paint Song NNA
  6. As Is
  7. Anissem Anavlis
  8. My Smile Walked Back to Me
  9. Perfect
  10. Showers and Thunderstorms
  11. C.I.D.
  12. Stonecold Zero
  13. Glum, Dogless
  14. Stars in the Sky

Album Facts

Pulse was recorded in 2000 and featured many re-recordings of songs from Everyday Unordinary and An Alteration to the Mainstream Inclination. This was due to the fact that band, for the first time, was able to afford more sophisticated recording equipment to replace the 4-track cassette recorder used for their previous releases.

An Alteration to the Mainstream Inclination

  1. (e) drums/bass/guitar
  2. Needles and Bibles
  3. Stonecold Zero
  4. Hydroplane
  5. Thing
  6. Locked Out
  7. Paint Song NNA
  8. C.I.D.
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Millionaire
  11. My Smile Walked Back to Me
  12. Flowers in May
  13. My Heaven's Up
  14. Shedding
  15. Poem #1
  16. Sloe Jin

Album Facts

An Alteration to the Mainstream Inclination was recorded in 2000. This was the second full length album by Charliebakerband. This was the first album to feature a song not written or cowritten by Michael. "Sloe Jin" was an instrumental piece written and performed entirely by Bartosz.

Everyday Unordinary

  1. A Feeble Attempt
  2. Your List of Feelings
  3. Perfect
  4. Everytime, Everyday, Everyway
  5. Body
  6. Separation
  7. Radio
  8. A Moral Plague
  9. I
  10. Ormolu
  11. Kid
  12. Demons at the Door
  13. #29
  14. Late Night Talk
  15. Anissem Anavlis

Album Facts

Everyday Unordinary was recorded in 1999. This was the first full length album to be released by Charliebakerband. The songs were an from the same recording sessions that produced Martini Music.

Martini Music

  1. Demons at the Door
  2. A Moral Plague
  3. A Feeble Attempt

Album Facts

Martini Music was recorded in 1999 and was a very limited release on casette only. The first release of any kind by Charliebakerband, Martini Music contained 3 songs. The ep's 3 songs were actually recorded as a birthday present for Michael's girlfriend at the time.

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