Michael Welch of Charliebakerband

Charliebakerband is the musical pseudonymn used by American singer-songwriter, Michael Welch. Originally started as more of a traditional 'band' with Noah Porras on keyboards, Bartosz Solowiej on drums, and Welch on guitar and vocals, the band bore the three word moniker of Charlie Baker Band. After recording 2000's "Pulse," Solowiej left the band with Porras leaving shortly after during the recording of "Hypocrisy for Some, Small American Flags for Others." So what used to be three members and a three-word band name became one member and a one-word band name after one LP and one EP. The parting of ways was on good terms as the other two members moved on to pursue other aspects of life and learning, Welch began learning to play any instrument he could get his hands on in which to continue recording music without having to sacrifice any sounds he felt were needed. Since that time, Charliebakerband has always displayed a do-it-yourself attitude as Welch produced every album and created all the packaging artwork himself, with the exception of occasionally using photography from his close friend, Jenny DeMartini. He also created his own label, Head Fone Recordings, on which all of Charliebakerband's albums to date were released. Eight LPs and one EP later, the singular adaptation of Charliebakerband is currently working on a follow up to 2005's "Motion Pictures" which is rumored to be a double album. It was planned to be released on Decatur Records but no release date has been announced.

Charliebakerband has been compared to Bob Dylan and early Flaming Lips, due mainly to Welch's vocal style which is has been described as squeaky and at times, nasally. Also like the Flaming Lips, his songs often deal with science related topics, although most of Welch's science themed music is released under the name Animal Survey. Other themes found throughout Charliebakerband songs are those of loss, longing, and confusion...

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